Transcend Consists of Two Parts Working Together

1. Home Study Success Academies.

2. The Master Mind Group

Home Study Success Academies

What Is It?

  • Step by Step, Day by Day Learning Program
  • Replace Personal Limiting Laws
  • Learn Universal Laws of Success
  • Start doing "Certain Things a Certain Way"

Step by Step...

There are many success and wealth building programs available, but this is the first to walk you step by step, day by day for 52 week. Change requires change. You have to stop doing what is not working, and start doing what does work. This is why a step by step program is so powerful. Changing one or two days a week is not enough. Our life is the way it is because of what we are and have been doing day by day. If we are not getting what we want out of life, why do we keep doing the same thing over and over? Answer: because it is all we know.  Transcend provides the knowledge, application and opportunity for success and wealth. Knowledge without application is worthless, knowledge and application without opportunity is also worthless. Transcend offers all three.

Replace Personal Limiting Laws

From birth to present day, we have been writing laws about how life should be. We have both conscious and subconscious beliefs about how life should be. We have laws that dictate how fast to drive. We have laws that tells us how to spend our money and how others should spend their money. Our laws tell us how much we are worth.


The problem is these laws are not always correct. Our laws come as a result of our past experiences and environment. For example; if as a child every time we asked or a candy bar our parents told us, "We don't have enough money for that", there is a good change we wrote a law that states: "there is not enough money for what I want" or "there is only enough money for needs, not wants". These conscious and subconscious laws now dictate much of our thinking, feeling and actions. Consciously you may want to be wealthy, but if you have subconscious laws that say you are only worth $50,000.00 a year, you will sabotage your money and never become wealthy.


The best way to reach your goals and create the life you dream of is to rewrite your limiting laws. If you have a law that states "I am only worth $50,000.00 a year because I don't have a degree", then rewrite the law to state "I am worth $1,000,000.00 a year with or with out a degree". Our biggest limit is found in the mirror. Our environment has lied to us, and told us we are not worthy, deserving, or good enough to be wealthy. Transcend will help you find the truth about who you really are and how much you are really worth and rewrite your laws to support your true and best self.

Learn Universal Laws of Success

Universal laws are found in all areas of life. In science class we learn about the universal laws of gravity, and motion. In math class we learn about the universal laws of addition an subtraction. What school does not teach us are the universal laws of wealth, health and relationships. The 52 Weeks to Success and Wealth Program teaches you the universal laws of life and success. Many of you have heard of the Law of Attraction. This is just one of many laws required to achieve success in all areas of life.

Doing Certain Thing in a Certain Way

“The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way and those who do things in this certain way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get rich, while those who do not do things in this certain way, no matter how hard they work or how able they are, remain poor.”  Wallace Wattles

No matter how hard you work, or how able you are, if you are not doing certain things in a certain way, you will never create wealth. The 52 Weeks to Success and Wealth program not only teaches you how to do certain things in a certain way, the program required you to do it. After 52 Week of doing certain thing in a certain way it will become natural and automatic. It will become a subconscious way of doing things. You will naturally and automatically create wealth.

The Master Mind Group

What Is It?

  • Application vehicle for The 52 Weeks to Success and Wealth Program
  • Like Minded Support Group
  • Residual Wealth Building
  • Leadership Training
  • Positively Change the World

Application Vehicle

Knowledge without application is worthless. You can learn as many success and wealth programs as you would like, but if you don't apply them to your life, you will remain stuck. The Master Mind Group is where you will apply the knowledge you gain from the Home Study Success Academies to your individual life. This is what makes our program so powerful and effective. Transcend offers the knowledge, application and opportunity for success and wealth.

Like Minded People

Our environmental influences have an immense impact on our individual life. This is one of the reason why change is so difficult. Have you ever notice there is no lid on the lobster tank at your favorite sea food restaurant. If one lobster tries to climb out the other lobsters will pull it back down. The people in our life can have the same affect on us. They may love us more than we know, their intentions come from a pure heart, but they can have a negative affect on our ability to change. You will need to surround yourself with people who have the same mind set. People who understand universal laws. People who are becoming their true and best self. People who want to positively change the world. People who are creating wealth.

Leadership Training

Most people will agree we need better leaders in the world. We need better civic leaders, better corporate leaders, better fathers and mothers, better teachers, better coaches. The world is in need of leaders who understand and live the universal laws of life, success and wealth. Transcend's Master Mind Group provides leadership knowledge, skills and application to its members. Good leaders naturally start to lead. Others people naturally start to follow. Good leaders do not need to campaign, advertise or market themselves. When you understand and live the universal laws of success, you will automatically start to lead. The World needs you. The people in your life need you. They need and deserve your true and best self. They need your time. They need your knowledge and example. Are you prepared?

Positively Change The World

Transcend's Master Mind Group is designed to help you accomplish the three goals. Become your true and best self, create multiple residual wealth building vehicle, and positively change the world. Positively change the world will naturally and automatically happen as you focus on the first two goals. You will naturally become a better husband, father, wife, mother, neighbor, boss, manager, etc. You will start to influence everyone in your environment. You will automatically start to lead those around you. People will automatically start to follow. As you become your true and best self, others will naturally start to follow.

Knowledge + Application + Opportunity = Success and Wealth