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Successful Business Academy

Our Successful Business Academy customizes programs designed to fit your business needs. Our programs are very unique in the fact we take a different approach to business. Rather than focusing on strategies, systems, programs, policies, procedures, and numbers, we focus on the people who implement them. It does not matter how amazing your product is, or how fabulous your systems, and strategies are. It requires people to make it all happen. Too often business spend millions on new and improved systems and procedures to only find out, it's an operator error.


Did you know more than 50% of your employees and customers will experience divorce. How does this affect your numbers? If 50% will experience divorce how many come to work everyday feeling overwhelmed with marriage issues, parenting issues, health issues, or money issues. You can not control what happens to your employees after they clock out. For the next 14 to 16 hours your employee will battle some of life's biggest challenges. Those challenges follow them to work and affect their mental, emotional and physical well being, which affects your bottom line.


Even though you cannot control what happens to them after they clock out, you can send them home with tools to help them. You can send them home with relationship skills, money management skills, self esteem skills, all of which improves the well being of your greatest assets; your employees and your bottom line.


The economy is improving, unemployment rates are declining. The economy is strong and there is an opportunity to maximize profits, but it is becomes more difficult to find good qualified employees. Stop looking for good qualified employees and start creating your own. Invest in your employees and you will be amazed at what they will do to your bottom line.

We suggest starting with one of our more popular programs or contact us for your own customized programs designed for your business.

  1. The 14 laws of Happily Ever After Program:
    • Description: Provides your employees with knowledge and skills to create their own happily ever after at home. The 14 laws can fix a broken marriage, strengthen a good marriage, and fortify a strong marriage. Not only will you be helping your employees improve their home life, you will be building team unity at the same time. The relationship skills taught in this program apply to spouse, children, neighbors, co-workers, customers, etc.
    • Duration: 14 Weeks
    • Location:Classes will be taught at Your Place of Business
    • Price: $1,600 Per Person
      • Plus Travel Expenses
    • Qualification:  Minimum of 20 people required
  2. Top Sales Secrets; How to be #1 in 13 Weeks
    • Description: Learn how to use universal laws to attract customers who are ready to buy. Double your sales in as little as 13 Weeks.
    • Duration: 13 Weeks
    • Location: Classes will be taught at Your Place of Business
    • Price: $1,600.00 per Person
      • Plus Travel Expenses
    • Qualifications: Minimum of 20 People required