Success is Not Reaching the Top First, but Helping the Person Behind You Get There

Results After 3 Months

Since being introduced to Transcend and making the program a part of my everyday life, I have had my eyes opened to a way of life I never knew was possible. By changing my beliefs and universal laws in all five areas of my life, I'm growing and becoming my true and best self. One of the areas I have seen the most change in is wealth; by educating myself with the 52 weeks to success program, reading books, talking with mentors and changing my beliefs about money, I have been able to double my gross sales and increase my net profit from 26% to 43% in the business I own, (The Art of Fixing Inc.). I have learned how to have money work for me, rather than me working for money. With doing that I have been able to work less and spend more of my time in the other four areas of my life, (relationships, health, personal development, and spirituality).

Tanner; Utah