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Our Hybrid Classes include all the benefits of our Online Classes with the added power of a weekly Master Mind Meeting.

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Individual Mentoring gives a more focused learning opportunity personalized to your unique situation.

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Trevor Dimick — Founder & CEO.

Learn Correct Knowledge Based On:

  • 22 Universal Law of Success
  • 17 Universal Values
  • How to Identify and Change Personal Limiting Laws
  • Essential Leadership Qualities

Knowledge without Application is Worthless. Our Daily Step by Step Syllabus makes Applying what You Learn Simple and Easy.

When Universal Laws are working for you, the right opportunities appear at the right time. Success and Wealth becomes a natural and automatic part of your life.

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"I was able to increase my profit revenue from 26% to 43%"
Owner Artistix Graphix
"I have attracted residual income 6 months in a row: have a plan that is moving forward awesomely for total financial freedom."
"Transcend is a program in my opinion that is above all other programs. If you are wanting your life to change, it gives you everything you need, application, knowledge and information, and results. I'm getting results!"
Its absolutely worth the money, its worth the time, its worth the energy. I would recommend it to anybody, everybody actually. I really want to get this program out there and get people to see that life can be so much better".

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