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A Universal Law is a law that works 24/7 and applies to everyone equally. Most of us were taught Universal Law of Science, like the Law of Gravity, in school. Gravity applies to everyone all the time. There are also Universal Laws of success, wealth, relationships and health that are not taught in schools. Universal Laws play a huge role in life. They are either working for us, or against. When Universal Laws work against us, life is very challenging. I feels like we are spinning our wheels. We put forth a lot of effort with little to no results. When Universal Law are working for us, our efforts produce huge results.

Transcend’s courses teaches you the Universal Laws of Life and helps you apply them to your life.

Person Limiting Laws are the lies about who we are and what we can or cannot do.  From birth to present day our subconscious brain has been observing our environment to create a personal law book about our self. Our Personal Law book includes laws about our self image, our money, our relationships, and every part of our life. Our Personal Limiting Laws automatically create our conscious and subconscious thoughts. Thoughts have a vibration energy and like energies attract. Our Personal Laws play a huge role in what we attract.

Transcend’s courses teach you how to identify your personal limiting laws and change them to support your goals and the life you dream of.

Universal Values apply to everyone equally all the time. Universal Values are the keystone to any successful society, government, corporation, organization, or relationship. Policies, procedures, laws, guidelines, regulations, productivity, and the bottom line are supported by Universal Values. Without these values, societies collapse, governments are conquered, corporations go under, and relationships fail. Universal Values define where one’s rights end and another start.  Universal Values are self governing which increases productivity, reduces overhead cost, eliminates conflicts, and improves the overall moral of the group.

Transcend’s courses teach the Universal Values required for society, governments, corporations, and relationships to succeed.

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